British and american teens

Vocabulary kick off charge per unit baby bonanza convalescence luxuries wage leisure time sense datum hairstyle to materialize advanced to condition , adolescent amongst to move demand magazine consumer to justification to inscribe to growth repute phenomenon to contribute assurance gradually belief lifestyle to sensing noncurrent on with nostalgia After the war Britain's birth rate was the highest it had been since 1880. Sports in empire Vocabulary to go in for skiing figure skating wrestling shooting to reckon match sailing rock ascent potholing white-water rafting minority arch reindeer-sled racing car athletics canoeing to divide amateur to expend part in competition to win excellent record-setter gym sports rational motive to run increment , to keep fit to stay flourishing cardiopulmonary exercise spare time activity country interior association wave-making machines , water slides growing to foreclose from despite o participate majority spectator to support team It's very important for grouping to have any rhythmic exercise. We can say that soviet union is a nation of sport-lovers. They are football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, skiing, body skating, wrestling, shot and many an others. By 1959 there were finished four million single persons betwixt the ages of 13 to 25, because of this baby boom. All water sports are wide travel in our country, including swimming, diving, sailing and water system skiing. step by step these young people started to experience special status. much grouping are fond of extreme sports such as rock climbing, potholing or white-water rafting.

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British vs American accent challenge | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

Welcome back to other video recording for the British Council’s acquire English time of life website and their You Tube channel. As you might be capable to already tell, our accents are slightly different, so even tho' we are some English native speakers, we label unspecified words differently. now I’m married with Natasha again and we are going to be doing a little challenge. So, we wanted to put this to the test and see how we sound out language differently. I’ve seen this visual communication on You Tube and it’s an accent challenge. So, we have a list of oral communication that we’re going to both pronounce and you guys can join in as well.

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British vs. American Style - Observations from a British Girl Abroad - College Fashion

A few months ago, I left the establishment of Birmingham (in England) behind to exhaust a academic session reading abroad in Minnesota, USA. As you can imagine, reading beyond the sea in u.s.a. has given me a bit of culture shock. Over the past few months, I've spent approximately clip soaking up indweller fashion and observing how it differs from what we vesture in England. And today, I lack to share what I've lettered with you.

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Text 7. Teenagers in Great Britain

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