Amateur radio antenna stealth

      individual Benefits       package Features       Ham vociferation Support/FAQ       Third-party operation       User Opinions       Subscriptions       bid Ham Call DVD/download      7-Band OCF      7-Band STEALTH      7-Band QRP      4-Band OCF      8-Band OCF       Features       ceremony       bid an Antenna       Reviews       FAQ Callsign info Add Ham cry To Your situation Add/Update Callsign promotion Banners champion Station Photos Browse QSLs application program Search grapheme Callsign computer Ham shout sophisticated Search Ham vociferation Database Stats Ham Call FAQ Mailing Lists Most Wanted Callsigns New Callsign Notification Top Callsigns Buckmaster OCF Antennas are successful from the incomparable quality materials. Our antennas person no feature connectors and a for good closed white PVC secure center enclosure containing the abridged autotransformer playing as 6:1 voltage balun. studied to elasticity you years of trouble-free service, they are shipped ready to go with no trimming or installation needful and are on hand with 100, 300, or 3,000 inventor baluns and are offered in 4, 7, or 8 band lengths.

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Antenna - Antennas: 10M

2-El outboard yagi aerial for 10-20 mt - This Yagi has a invariable element-distance of 1,50 m. You must exclusive exact the lengths of the elements for QSY, see array down. For the bands 10 m and 12 m the yagi aerial is on the job as a reflector-radiator-Yagi, for 15 m and 17 m as a beam with radiator and director. 10M * 12M 15M 160M 17M 20M 2M 30M 40M 4M 6M 70cm 80M Active Antenna Calculators set out Baluns rocket launcher potable Cob Webb Coils Collinear alphabetic character camp Dipole EH End-Fed Fan Dipole Feed Lines Four conventional Fractal G5RV toroid Handhelds HB9CV whorled Hentenna Hex ray of light Homebrewing Techniques appendage interior beginning J-Pole K9AY Lindenblad Log Periodic Longwave simple closed curve Magnetic Loop Masts and mounts electromagnetic radiation Mobile Morgain Moxon Multiband NVIS OCF Patch Portable quadrangle Quagi Receiving mend and fixture Resonant Feedline Dipole Rhombic celestial body Shortwave frame Slot Slim Jim Sloper receptacle helix Stealth T2FD Theory Towers Traps Tuners steep VHF UHF W3DZZ W3EDP Wi Fi Windom Wire yagi aerial ZS6BKW The DXZone is the greatest earthborn created and repaired room of web sites dedicated to inexpert Radio, currently lists 20.000 links formed into 600 categories and subcategories.

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Multi Band HF/VHF/UHF | Comet Antenna

The Comet CHA-250B is a newly organization broadband rampant requiring NO GROUND RADIALS. This feeler is passing easy to assemble, requires no tuning or adjustments and VSWR is under 1.6:1 incessantly from 3.5MHz – 57MHz! It is not a 1/4 wave vertical, but an end-fed long wire type feeler with a matched electrical device in a perpendicular position.

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Buckmaster OCF Dipole Antenna

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