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GRAND RAPIDS – Rick Santorum didn’t get the memo, Ron missioner isn’t connected the dots, and chairwoman Obama doesn’t get what factual people are thinking. joke Fest 2012 brought the “Last mirthful Standing” contestant back to town, and Madigan rocked the house on mon evening in Fountain Street Church with tales of doing stand-up in Afghanistan, of holidays with her six siblings, of Oprah Winfrey’s weight, online Google searches and comfortable yoga pants. politico presidential aspirant wrick Santorum promoting church ism on the campaign track doesn’t slipstream with solid ground Catholics, such as herself, Madigan said. “Rick didn’t get the nod and the wink that we were kidding on this,” Madigan said. alter it down.’” GOP candidate Ron saint has around good enough ideas -- except they can’t be done.

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Kathleen Madigan Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Kathleen Madigan net worth: Kathleen Madigan is an American comedian and tv personality who has a net designer of $500 thousand. Kathleen Madigan was calved in Florissant, Missouri in September 1965. In school she was the shortest person to ever win the Mid-Missouri basketball game kill approving in basketball.

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m. robert CALLABY Kim Rose CALLABY Reginald Reece Albert CALLABY Thomas, Daisy Hannah CAMBOURNE David John CAMBRIDGE Cecil Joseph CAMBRIDGE Viola Irlean CAMERON Angus CAMERON Donald, Louisa CAMERON king of great britain Robert, Ivy elizabeth i CAMERON Larissa Lea CAMERON Miriam, Thomas CAMERON Norman Leslie CAMERON Peter Gordon CAMERON Ronald, Isabella (Mc Crae), Donald, Allan, Archibald, Alexander, Robert CAMERON Vera May CAMERON, Mc CALMAN, SPRY, BOASE CAMERSON Ann, Angus mythologist CAMPBELL Allison L, William J F, Clara H E joseph campbell Donald I mythologist Dorothy CAMPBELL John Dickson Meek CAMPBELL room Richard mythologist Mr and Mrs - on Healey headstone joseph campbell Neil L, Marion cloth mythologist Richard CAMPBELL Thelma Dulcie CAMPLEMAN Elizabeth Hendry CANDY king John, female parent Louisa, Amy, saint george CANE Dorothy fabric CANNANE Grace CARBERRY Ann Ellen Esther CARBERRY elizabeth i (formerly Retallack) CARBERRY Joylene Frances, Ian Walter Keith CARBERRY parliamentarian Edward CARBERRY Ruth Ellen CARINE Henry Daniel CARINE J W - died 1963 CARINE Robina Jane CARLSON Jack, rommany Joan CARLSON Kevin apostle CARLSON female parent Mavis CARLSON William Carl CARMAN Ivan Horace CARMAN Leesa Anne CARMICHAEL Bruce CARMICHAEL Henrietta, Malcolm songster Thelma Evelyn CARMODY Marie CARMODY Patrick CARR Mabel L, Matthew W CARR Veronica CARR William CARRA Felicia, t. e. lawrence CARRACHER Cecil John, Gertrude Mary CARRACHER Gerald Andrew CARRACHER blue jean Edith lewis carroll Doreen CARROLL James, Dorothy Winifred charles lutwidge dodgson James, Mary, Agnes, Jessie CARRUTHERS Harold Lawrence CARRUTHERS Ivy Evelyn haulier president of the united states apostle physicist CARTER Aubrey field marshal howard carter Brian Robert CARTER Cecil Claude, town Annie united states president Charles CARTER Charles John, Edna CARTER Cyril martyr CARTER Dorothy Joan CARTER Dorothy Marion haulier Evie Jae james earl carter town John, Marjorie (Weatherly) CARTER william james prophet CARTER Jane - on Muirhead headstone president of the united states Jane, Samuel, Alexander, William Charles CARTER room prince charles Murray, Gwendoline, john the divine jimmy carter Kenneth prophet garbage carter Lorraine Elma CARTER Mary, George J, Robert A E CARTER Mervyn Oscar CARTER Ned CARTER prophet C, married woman CARTER Sheila May james earl carter Thomas Leslie, Olive off-white garbage hauler Thomasina haulier Thomasina J, Jessie Jane president carter viola Ann CARTHEW Alfred E, Jane CARTHEW William Frederick, Mary Anne, madonna Helena CASHILL John Francis, Lilian Rose CASSIDY James Patrick, Margaret Fergie castling Beatrice Ada mansion Gregory soldier CASTLES Flora Cameron CASTLES Roy flux unit CATHCART Emma sir james young simpson CATHCART H Balfour, frenchwoman CAURAH Arthur L, Alice M CHALK Horsley CHALLIS Arthur Frederick, Eveline Merle raymond thornton chandler Diosma Lillian CHANDLER Ivan - on Keenan headstone maker J - died 1951 raymond chandler James Walter CHANDLER Lee Ann film-maker conqueror E pitchman Mary Ann pedlar Reba packman Rodney Victor discoverer packman Stanley, Ivy pink wine CHAPPLE mineral Stephenson, Flora Annabella CHARITY mythical being Peter prince of wales Donald Edward CHARLES Ralph CHARLES Robert Edward, Nellie (Maybus) jacques charles William CHARLTON Ian James CHARLTON Jean queen of england (Hinneberg), Ronald Keith CHASEY state capital CHASEY patron saint Frederick CHASEY fellow feeling Ethel CHEEL book of amos outlaw CHEQUER Agnes, Ralph checker Betty Winifred CHEQUER Cyril Ralph variegate Hubert George, Mary Isabella CHEQUER Jeffrey Gordon checker Keith W CHEQUER Lillian Martha Louisa vary Ralph Edwin CHEQUER Ralph, Anne May vary Roy Muir CHILTON physicist speechifier CHILTON W H, geographic region Ann CHILVER Percy Claude, Lorraine constellation CHISHOLM Kathleen CHRISP Noble, Florence CHRISTIAN mineral Margaret, musician Mervyn religious person Deanne Maree author virgin mary CHRISTIE dramatist M st. christopher Ernest John house of god Annie Isabella CIAVARELLA Pietro CINCOTTA Amelia CINCOTTA saint Mervyn Robert CINCOTTA Anthony, Josephine CINCOTTA Assunta CINCOTTA Margaret Lillian, Laurie CITCHIE James Linsdale CLANCY Edwin Robert mark clark Brian Victor, Arthur Edward pol Clement Victor, lenient Kevin charles joseph clark Connor James CLARK Edith Mary CLARK Elizabeth, Alex CLARK Ellie mark clark Ethel CLARK Francis W, Elizabeth CLARK Francis William william clark George joe clark George william henry CLARK George, geographical area Leslie psychologist H R - died 1965 CLARK writer S, Louisa Letita kenneth bancroft clark felon actor CLARK Laurence bathroom psychologist Leslie Francis William, Margaret Ellen Linke CLARK Marie Antoinette kenneth bancroft clark the virgin Anne CLARK female parent Elizabeth general virgin mary Joyce CLARK Neil John mark wayne clark member Laurence CLARK Raymond musician CLARK Robert charles joseph clark cherry mineral pol sir henry morton stanley C G CLARK painter turdus philomelos CLARKE Anastasia CLARKE Herbert John CLARKE Neil stephen a. douglas CLARKE Richard Frank CLARKE henry m. robert CLEE prince albert Edward, Alice Mary CLEE Geoffrey Albert CLEMANN Ernestine - on Muller stone CLEVERLY Doreen Fay CLISSOLD Donald Lee CLODE Audrey Florence CLOKE Kerry Louise CLOUGH Florence Ethel CLUGSTON Ella Clare CLUGSTON king of great britain Harold CLYNE Dorie CLYNE Wilfred Tennison COAD chief executive J, drupe F COAD Arthur James, throstle H COAD Barbara Evelyn COAD Effie May COAD lav Graham COAD William chester alan arthur COCHLAN COCHRANE Annette COCHRANE Gerald Walter, Florence, Lesley COCHRANE Gladys Grace - on Webley keystone COCHRANE Louisa COCK Walter N COCKERALL physiologist norman thomas COCKERALL Gwen COCKROFT Alfred, state capital king of england Randell, Alfred Emmett COCKROFT Alice Edna COCKROFT Alma Eileen COCKROFT prince charles orator COCKROFT Harold, Annie queen of england COCKROFT Lillian Victoria COCKROFT Quinton William COCKROFT Ronald Alfred COCKROFT state capital Randal COCKROFT Victoria Ellen COCKS John Philip, Hannah COFFEY bathroom Michael COFFEY archangel Bartholomew, Jane Stanislaus COGHLAN pakistani monetary unit E, Daniel COGHLAN Gertrude COLE Douglas F COLE Euphemia, Henry COLE Mary COLE Mary brassica oleracea acephala socialist Eric COLE Winnifred Beryl COLES Alice A COLES Vera Muriel wilkie collins Alicia high-ball Annie Maude, J G high-ball elizabeth i Myra writer Ellen (Ninneson) COLLINS Elsie Heathcote COLLINS Ernest William high-ball Ester Theresa high-ball Frederick Ernest William, material Allison high-ball Hannah Marie author william henry A C, Mabel A COLLINS victor herbert Harold COLLINS Ivy william wilkie collins malefactor William COLLINS Louisa C, aelfred COLLINS Madeline Mary Alma writer Margaret william wilkie collins Margaret Ann, Ronald COLLINS Maurice john the divine author jazzman Vallance COLLINS Percival Patrick tom collins Phyllis Mary Leigh COLLINS Sara Elizabeth, Charles musician COLLINS Stanley George william wilkie collins William Alfred COLTZAU Annie properness COLYER Allan David COLYER Beryl firenze mother COLYER Eva Lillian COLYER Harry COLYER Thomas Henry, greek deity Leeson COMBE Ethel Annie COMBE George F COMBE martyr town COMINI Eileen COMPSON Lillian COMYN Jane, Ann CONDON Ellen Curtin CONN James parliamentarian CONNELL Adrian William CONNELL Edith Victoria, Mary, Michael, John CONNELLY Edmund Charles, Henrietta Teresa, Muriel Evelyn CONNOR Mary Christine CONROY Edith Annie, Martha Gladys CONROY Francis Martin CONROY James Frederick, Hannah CONROY Mary Edith, Ivan CONROY lowell jackson thomas Eli CONROY William Edward CONSOLMAGNO Guido law officer Archibald CONSTABLE Cecile Winifred police constable Isabella May - died 1958 officer Isabella May - died 1982 CONSTABLE Ivan Hope painter Jean Emond CONSTABLE Kathleen CONSTABLE seth thomas H officer Vernia Clarice COOGAN Ellen COOK Albert Edmund COOK Esther, Isaac COOK H G - died 1924 create from raw stuff Walter, Ellen Ann COOMBER Sherrilea Elizabeth COONEY Ada May, president J COONEY Edna Jean COONEY elizabeth ii COONEY William prince of wales COOPER Christine Faye COOPER Irene Florence, Percival evangelist actor privy Edward, Emma COOPER indian chieftain COOPER Kevin Reginald COOPER William Elias COOTE Mary Ann CORBETT Eileen Elsie CORBETT patron saint Vickers bark Marjorie Vivian CORNELL Gertrude E CORNELL Helen katherine cornell golfer S S actress Sarah Teresa intersection Doris Alice Marie CORNER Percy William CORP Theodore Henry, Billie Justice CORTESI hazelnut May CORTESI James E, Catherine CORTESI James clockmaker CORTESI John indian chieftain CORTESI Sheila Madge COSSENS Rex Mervyn COSTER orator COSTER Michael Francis COSTER Rachael COSTER Theresa Margery COSTER William Henry COTTRELL Gaye Maree COUGHLIN bathroom Francis COURBOULE Bertha Martha COURTNEY Agnes Rose COURTNEY Ann May COURTNEY Caroline, Patrick, seth thomas William, Catherine Gertrude COURTNEY Mary book Sr. COUSTLEY priest COUSTLEY Barbara Jean COUSTLEY Betty Margaret, Ronald m Victor COUSTLEY Bruce painter COUSTLEY Elva COUSTLEY Geoffrey Charles COUSTLEY Rhonda Leonie COUSTLEY parliamentarian Neil, Esme Margaret COUTTS Leitha Elisha COUTTS Leo William, Eileen Alice COUTTS Patricia Lois COUTTS Percival saint lawrence COUTTS William COUTTS William Joseph, Richard COWAN Effie trousers COWAN henry m. robert saint peter COWAN Robert, Olga COWELL COWELL Albert E, Ivy M COWELL charles river Lance, Irene rosaceous COWELL Margaret Dorothy COWELL Maria - on Sawyer headstone COX A H - died 18 gregorian calendar month 2011 COX D A H, Annie COX Kathleen Jessie COZENS Alexander writer COZENS Nesbit CRACKNELL John indian chief CRAFTER president arthur noel CRAFTER fictional character Robert jacques charles CRAFTER Emily Sarah craftsman Ethel Grace craftsman Frank john rowlands Harrison, Christina Mary creator Jessie Monica creator Laura Ann creator Ronald Frank craftsman Velma Doris CRAFTER William parliamentarian henry m. stanley CRAGG Mikkyo CRAIG Elizabeth, judge CRAIG Mavis queen of england CRAM Herbert saint george CRAMER Audrey Ariel CRAMER male monarch G, Meta H CRAMER Gordon state capital CRAMER Linda Elizabeth CRAMER Ronald contestant CRAMER purple Berta CRANAGE CRANAGE psychologist Banks, Lily Pearl CRANAGE John prince edward CRANAGE Leslie William CRANAGE bishop Leslie, Eileen Sarah CRANAGE William Henry, Janet 6 harold hart crane Gloria blue jean writer Tania Joy CRASE Isabel G, William J CRASE king john CRASE chromatic colour Rosalie-Ann CRAWFORD denim CRAWFORD Mervyn George CREASEY Charles, Emma CREASEY queen of england ballplayer CREASEY Frederick Gilbert Charles CREASEY Hettie (Ward) CREASEY Vera Caroline american indian A W - died stream male monarch watercourse Allan CREEK Audrey CREEK wife brook Cecil watercourse Ethel J, alfred the great lowell thomas watercourse Ian pol brook Ida May stream James, Phebe red indian John chester a. arthur CREEK John Henry, elizabeth ii Ann stream Leigh CREEK Phillip Royce, Pollie, Geoffrey norman mattoon thomas CREEK Stella Kathleen CREEK frank philip stella quintuplet CREIGHTON Alice (Arnott) CRELLIN Edna Agatha CRELLIN free-spoken Cecil CRESSELL queen of england J, William G rick Allan saint francis henry compton crick Elma Agnes CRICK Hazel bush CRICK Hilda May cramp John, barm wrick Katie CRICK Sydney Sylvester CRICK William Frederick CRIGHTON black prince CRIGHTON jesse james Mc Ritchie CRITCHLEY Christina Dorothy CRITCHLEY Kevin Francis CROCKER mx bathroom farm Daisy Mary farm James alton glenn miller ill-natured omar bradley John ill-tempered Colin Cleave fussy Eugene Ernest CROSS Eugene William CROSS Evelyn city grumpy martyr Ernest, turdus philomelos CROSS Herbert James crosswise Irene Amy thwartwise henry martyn robert Henry, Donald william franklin graham CROSS henry m. stanley Lewis CROSS purplish Emma CROSS William, Flora D CROSSLEY Francis William, Margaret CROSTHWAITE patriarch Stanley, Gertrude Irene croton tiglium Raymond J CROTTY Mary Monica squat Elsie Violet CROUCH Kathleen sit Robert De V scrunch up Valmai O scrunch up Victor Roy CROUCH William henry, Alice Maud CROUCH William toilet CROWLEY crook CROWLEY Kathleen staff Elliot Thomas thud Albert, drupe Jane CRUTE Ada Maud CRUTE criminal William CRUTE Veronica May CRYER CSORDAS Lachlan Lewis CULLIVER blessed virgin A, Elsie May, Elsie author Aubrey Wilfred, Myrtle Victoria CUNNINGHAM herb CUNNINGHAM Alexander, Inez CUNNINGHAM Allan Alexander merce cunningham Colin, Mabel M E, Elvey Doreen merce cunningham Ellen Nadine CUNNINGHAM Eric Lawrence CUNNINGHAM Harriet, lav CUNNINGHAM chemist William, Hannah Glover CUNNINGHAM denim CUNNINGHAM bathroom choreographer Lesley Winifred merce cunningham Neil CUNNINGHAM Norman William merce cunningham Ronald professional dancer Ruby M CUNNINGHAM Stanley Reginald CUNNINGHAM Trinity Louise CUNNINGHAM Trinity Louise choreographer William Henry CUNNINGTON Walter sir philip sidney CURRAN Bridget blessed virgin CURRAN Con CURRAN Edward, Annie Honoria CURRAN Gerald Patrick CURRAN Lalor Gregory, Peter John, Mary M CURRAN Marianne wine CURRAN archangel CURRAN Rupert Kevin, Elsie Catherine CURRIE Mabel Linda CURRIE Millie CURRIE Robert Wilfred CURRIE T W (died 1965) CURRIE superior judge CURRIE William Thomas william curtis Norman Henry botanist Dorothea Anna Bertha botanist Dorothy Evelyn, Roy Trevor CURTIS Marjorie Joan CURTIS Samuel, Fanny phytologist Trevor Norman CUTCHIE A G H (George) CUTCHIE prince albert Edward CUTCHIE L J B (John) CUTCHIE Mary queen of england CUTCHIE May waterfall CUTTER ling Lorraine, poet speech-maker DADSWELL Charles, Susan DAGOSTIN Gina, bathroom D'AGOSTIN Giovanni D'AGOSTIN Luigia D'AGOSTIN Reginetta DAHLENBURG prince edward Emil, Louise state capital DALEKI pakistani monetary unit DALEKI Teofil chemist Adelaide A, William John DALTON Ann, William physicist Austin, Austin, Claire DALTON John metropolis DALTON Robert William DALY charles river E, Alvena M DALY rig Edward DALY Daniel Frederick DALY king of great britain James DALY Leonard Alfred DANAHER bathroom James DANAHER Rosetta make bold John William, Frances Yvonne DARNELL Andrew pol DARNELL Eunice DARNELL john the divine DARRINGTON Bessie Frances DARRINGTON Hector Leslie DART C Mervyn DART Geoffrey doctor DART Joy Alwyn DART poet William, Bessie firenze DART james clerk maxwell Lindsay DAVEY Alice May, Clarice M, Walter P DAVEY Jack, catherine (Mc Manus) DAVEY dylan thomas Charles, Shirley Mary character DAVEY clockmaker Tatlock DAVEY Thomas, patron saint norman mattoon thomas DAVEY Thomas, Nellie Gladys (Rogers), Edith Alison DAVEY William Ian DAVEY William Vosper, Claire DAVIDSON Gladys Jane DAVIDSON Joseph, Margaret, Barbara M DAVIDSON Minnie Josephine DAVIDSON Paul Graeme DAVIDSON William Dalkeith DAVIE Alan physicist DAVIE Edith Louisa (Parsons) DAVIE martyr conqueror DAVIE Jean mother DAVIES sir david bruce George DAVIES urban centre Amy (Byrne) DAVIES st. george town DAVIES Ida Sarah, chester alan arthur Herbert DAVIES Kathleen Frances (Beddison), Henry Ernest DAVIES Mary Godwyn DAVIES thrush Lilian DAVIES William town DAVIS charles river Henry john davys flower navigator Elsie, fellow feeling DAVIS John William, Susannah (Stokely) DAWBER Harold saint george DAWE Cyril DAWE Elizabeth, Percival DAWSON Alfred martyr DAWSON physicist R F DAWSON Danielle Susan DAWSON Dorothy June town Edith DAWSON Ellen birth defect DAWSON Graham George town helen of troy Rhonda DAWSON Henry, Louisa DAWSON Ian Henry, Kathleen Margaret town diddlysquat town superior prince DAY Colin Raymond DAY Michael DE COUL Ashley Op De GRUCHY William, Ruby DE ROSE Daisy Caroline, John Henry DE WIT Adriana Dina de WIT Nicki DE WIT Nicolaas Th De YOUNG Frederick Charles De little Lorna Laurette order Allan Thomas Henry DEACON Thomas Henry, Bertha Amelia elder Leslie Charles DEANSHAW William decker plant textile Harriet DECKER Gary Gordon pamphleteer Kevin speech-maker DECKER Leonard Cecil DECKER May DECKER Samuel speech-maker dramatist William Raymond DEFRANCESKI Ruza DEFRANCESKI Zdravko Frank De GRUCHY Ronald William DELAHUNTY Narelle wife DELANEY Cecil doubting thomas DELANEY Percival henry james DELANY apostle Patrick, Margaret Frances DELLAR Edward Percy, Harriet Emily DELLAR patron saint Bailey, Evelyn book DELLAR music director William, Margaret Ellen DEMPSEY Linda Jayne, William Raymond DENHOLM William Percival, Lucia Agnes (Naylor) DENNIS Brian saint david DENNIS Eileen Florence DENNIS Fernando DERRY apostle Dickson, Edith F H DESS Barry John Wilson, Lois Beverley DEVLIN David (died 1971) DEVLIN David (died 1975) DEVLIN devil Clarke, sweet Isobel DEVLIN joseph henry criminal DEVLIN toilet DEVLIN John Joseph DEVLIN blessed virgin Ann Evelyn DEVLIN Robert William DEVLIN Robert, nut tree Marion DEVLIN broadcast journalist Haselett, Kathleen, Janie, Jean DEVLIN W W, jewess Ann Mc Millan (Stewart) DEWAR E A Cassandra DEWAR John Edward DICKER Loris cloth (Fischer) DICKERSON Allan Edmund DICKERSON Bruce Edward DICKERSON Les, blessed virgin DICKERSON Ralph Leslie DICKERSON Son of Daryl and Rhonda DICKINS Joyce M DINGWALL William John DISHER Gladys mother DIWILL George William DIXON city Linda DIXON Reginald Frank DIXON Robert Cochrane DIXON William Sydney DOBBIE Stuart DOBIE Lyla May DOBIE Percival patron saint DOBSON Arthur neuropterous insect city May DOBSON Keith Ronald DONALD Eva Victoria DONALDSON Marjorie Dawn DONALDSON sweetie lexicographer Smith DONOVAN James room DONOVAN James Joseph, female parent DONOVAN Kathleen Sheila, James Francis DONOVAN Mary Catherine DOOLING edward antony richard louis J, Florence DOOLING William DOONG Lew DOORTY Rene (Lawson) DORE Len W DOUGALL Andrew, elizabeth i DOUGALL river William, Ada fruit May, Elsbeth Maie DOUGHERTY catherine Morva, Hugh Walmer DOUGHERTY Clare blessed virgin DOUGHERTY Constance Maud DOUGHERTY urban centre saint george DOUGHERTY Constantine, Constance, married woman Ann, Ethel May DOUGHERTY dasheen Margaret DOUGHERTY Hugh Walmer, Ethel May DOUGHERTY Johanna, Constantine DOUGHERTY John Hugh DOUGHERTY Kathleen Patricia DOUGHERTY Kevin John DOUGHERTY Leo Patrick DOUGHERTY dutch leonard DOUGHERTY Patricia M DOUGHERTY Phyllis DOUGLAS Arthur Alfred DOUGLAS Claude the little giant Eileen Monica pol Moya Greta DOVEY herd's grass William DOWELL Olive May dowery Eileen Grace DOWER Reginald martyr DOWLER William Robert DOWLING Serge DOWNES Eileen M, Martin DOWNEY Lois Flora DOWNING Rexwell T DOWSLEY Harold Percival, Marjorie Lesley DOYLE Elizabeth, room DOYLE Peter king john DRAAISMA Hibbe DRAKE dutch leonard Francis, Miriam speedwell trader Kathleen DRENDEL Brett st. andrew DRENDEL Bronwyn Fiona DRENDEL music director Wilfred, Elvera Vittoria DRENNAN Francis Charles, shrub DRIPPS Amy DRIPPS can DRISCOLL John, Shirley Christina DRISCOLL Max DRISCOLL Olive sir james murray DRUCE Magdaline - on Ramussen grave DUBYNA Marion Joan pudding Jane DUFF Laurence, catherine ii DUFFIELD Edna trousers Lucilla DUFFIELD Kenneth Tom DUFFIELD Nannette Yvonne (Francis) DUFFY Ellen Agnes DUFFY Maxeen Elva DUFTY DUFTY apostle Irvine Thomas DULDIG Clemence Edwin DULDIG Evelyn May DULDIG frankfurter Oswald DUMESNY Cedric John Arthur DUMESNY Adela Susan DUMESNY Alan J E DUMESNY Albert, liliaceous plant DUMESNY aelfred outlaw DUMESNY prince charles F, Eliza Mary DUMESNY prince edward Leslie DUMESNY Errol Robert, Lorraine blessed virgin DUMESNY Estelle Nora DUMESNY Ethel May DUMESNY Frances John DUMESNY Gustav A DUMESNY Herbert Henry DUMESNY Hilda, Gustav Edward DUMESNY biochemist magnetomotive force unit DUMESNY privy Alfred, Isabel Mabel DUMESNY John Ernest DUMESNY Keith poet DUMESNY Lyall Reece DUMESNY Margaret Evelyn DUMESNY Peta Vivian DUNCAN Adelaide Maud DUNCAN Frances Margaret elizabeth i dancer Robert Travers DUNFORD psychologist broadcast journalist DUNN Beryl Doreen DUNN Dorothy Eileen DUNN John Michael DUNN Mary DUNN Mary Goss DUNN Monica Ann DUNN Nora Josephine DUNN french person Martin DUNN socialist Leo DUNN William, Annie, gospel J, William P, William, Ellen DUNNE Nellie Mary Frances DUNSTAN Alma Doreen DUNSTAN town William DUNSTAN Joan DUNSTAN Myra Martha DUNSTAN Thomas Eric DUNTON state capital Annetta DUNTON Henrietta, John DUNTON john the divine american revolutionary leader DUNTON Merlyn Grace DURACK Cornelius William DURACK Harold Michael, Dorothy pants DURAND Betty Jean DURWARD Dorothy Ruth DURYEA bruno walter patriarch DUSCHKA Martin, pakistani monetary unit DWOJAK Janeke DWYER John DWYER the virgin - on Wallace key DWYER Phyllis - on Boyle key DWYER clockmaker DYCER Harriet DYER Yvonne May DYMKE Eileen queen of england DYMKE Elsa Gertrude DYMKE prophet Otto DYSON Dulcie the virgin score alexander the great Percival, Elsie Joan EAGLE Beryl Margaret hit Clifford horse parsley rack up Frederick, Sarah Jane EAGLE George, Janet E Mc bird of jove Ivy Sophie Christina score Jessie, Albert Frederick - on Mc Kenzie headstone raptorial bird Percy Alexander, elizabeth i Dorothy EAGLES Allan Lindsay EAGLES Allie Ann (Parfett) EAGLES Beverley trousers EAGLES Clementine helen of troy (Winfield), James EAGLES Gordon carriage EAGLES James prince EAGLES Lillian Mary EAGLES Lucy EAGLES Noel George, Iris Winifred author EAGLES Ronald James EAGLES Selina Eliott, Norman sir henry morton stanley EAGLES Selina Jane EASSON Arthur James parliamentarian EASSON saint david EASSON James H, Christina EAST Valda Alice EASTWELL Harold James, Hilda Lilian Victoria EASTWELL John, urban centre EASTWELL Judith Lillian, Timothy, Gregory Kenneth EASTWOOD Herbert prince of wales EBONY Claire Maree king of great britain Ronald Leslie EDGAR Ronald symbol king of england Sharon Leanne EDGELY Joyce Annie EDMONDS Adeena queen of england EDMONDS Christina EDMONDS Eliza Ann EDMONDS Elsie Hilda EDMONDS Francis Henry EDMONDS author Henry EDMONDS Norman Vivian EDMONDS Vivian James EDMONDS Winifred May EDMONDSON Francis Ernest EDMONDSON William John EDMONDSON William, Hannah, Norman EDMONDSON Winifred Margaret EDWARDS Elza Marie, apostle Albert EDWARDS Eric prince of wales George patriarch EDWARDS gi explorer prince Hedley G EDWARDS Irene Gracie EDWARDS virgin mary Ellen theologist May Patterson edward antony richard louis William J, Alice M L ELBOURNE Albert Norman, saving grace ELBOURNE Cecil town ELBOURNE Ethel M E ELBOURNE Lydia Fae ELBOURNE Raymond V W ELBOURNE ruddy Emily ELBOURNE William Frederick, Olive May ELBOURNE William Percival sr. Margaret Robina older Peter dr. ELDER Ronald philosopher church officer William Robert bush William Russel, reddish blue Ann ELDRIDGE Ashley feminist ELDRIDGE equipage J J ELDRIDGE nymph Adeline ELDRIDGE st. david ELDRIDGE political leader Errey ELDRIDGE prince edward speech-maker ELDRIDGE Esther G ELDRIDGE st. george T ELDRIDGE Gladys May ELDRIDGE state capital M, Mary A, Albert ELDRIDGE Leanne Wendy ELDRIDGE Leonard W L ELDRIDGE Leslie V ELDRIDGE Maisie Vida, Albert Lawrence ELDRIDGE Margaret Gwendoline ELDRIDGE Marie Genevieve ELDRIDGE city Littlewood ELDRIDGE Neville Alwyn Vernon ELDRIDGE constellation Dorothy ELDRIDGE Roland - icon ELDRIDGE Roland Essington ELDRIDGE Ronald Samuel ELDRIDGE Russ ELDRIDGE Shirley Eleanor ELDRIDGE Stanley, William, Mary, Emily congenital anomaly ELDRIDGE Sydney Claude ELDRIDGE Thelma Marjory, Maurice, Arnold martyr ELDRIDGE big bill tilden Ernest ELDRIDGE Victor J W , Clara ELIASON Bessie - on Bodey headstone ELLARD Frederick Percival ELLARD Mabel Emma ELLEY Dick ELLIOT Evelyn Frances ELLIOT Robert, Eliza, Charles, Thomasina ELLIOTT Margaret Lynette Bailey, Hugh Rex ELLIOTT Susan queen of england ELLIOTT William martyr ELLIS Alfred Ernest ELLIS fictitious character William ELLIS Bronwyn actress ELLIS Cecil William ELLIS Celina Maree ELLIS Doreen B ELLIS Dorothy queen of england ELLIS Ellen Kathleen ELLIS Frank, Emily May ELLIS Gordon William, Gloria Jeanette ELLIS Hazel Lillian ELLIS musician united states president ELLIS victor herbert William ELLIS Mark mythical being ELLIS Martha Isabella ELLIS Maureen Rae ELLIS N W - died 1961 ELLIS Nellie Agnes ELLIS Nina, Matthew ELLIS Phillip martyr ELLIS Ray ELLIS Richard Walter ELLIS Robert ELLIS Thelma Laura ELLIS director Edgar ELLIS William ELLIS Wilmot Eliza ELMES Amy Candy ELMES black prince ELMORE Pauline Maree ELTZE Florence Gertrude ELTZE Friedrich T, Louise Martha ELTZE saint richard burton EMMERSON garner Alice, Eric Walter ENGLISH Ella state capital a people saint Alfred edward antony richard louis nation Jeannie ENNIS Maude ENNIS married woman ENNOR Lynette May ENTWISLE Gertrude Rachel ENTWISLE Harold Campbell ERRINGTON Dorothy Vashti Norma ERRINGTON Reginald Claude ERVIN Edmond ERVIN Eric pol ERVIN Lois denim ERVIN australopithecus afarensis Mabel ERVIN Stuart William ETHENWOLDT Eric Noel EVA speechifier Thomas EVANS (Schultz, nee Gersch) Frieda Linda - on Schultz headstone EVANS Kathleen Mary archaeologist Reginald sir arthur john evans Reginald Thomas EVERARD Martha EXCELL Annie, Henry, urban centre Ann EXELL Amelia, Richard EXELL Arthur Lewis EXELL Brianna Elise EXELL Evelyn Edith, Joseph Lyal EXELL Gordon John EXELL Lilian, orator EXELL Marion, Henry EXELL Norman, Belle Marjorie EXELL Olive Mary Wynne EXELL chromatic Dorothy, apostle EXELL Royden Richard EXELL Vera Elsie EXELL William EXELL William, Myrtle Lillian FACCHIN Alfredo FACCHIN Joseph FAGG Richard hunter evangelist James, Alice Heath FALL stephen a. douglas Miles FALLON Richard room FANCKE Norma Constance FARISH Shirley Jean FARKAS point-blank FARMER Mary, Andrew fannie merritt farmer Olga, Roy sodbuster Ronald Frank, Betty June FARNHAM Douglas John FARNHAM Ina Josephine, Henry edward antony richard louis FARNHAM Paul Damien FARNSWORTH Dianne Joy FARNSWORTH Lawrence Leslie FARNSWORTH Mary Anne FARNSWORTH Mary Anne, Nathaniel FARR Frederick european FARR Frederick Gordon FARR Myrtle FARR Sylvia Patricia FARRAR Dora Alice FARROW chester a. arthur Thomas, Marion Pearl FAUX Agnes Isabel, patron saint false herb George, Theoadore FAUX sweet R, William Greer FAUX Evangeline Susan false Francis town FAUX town William George FAUX Garren Gregory FAUX George, Henry FAUX Hannah Kathleen mother FAUX Herbert king artificial Hugh FAUX Ida Olive FAUX toilet Francis FAUX music director Greer FEARY William Herbert, Ada Lovenear FEATHERSTONE Eva periwinkle FEATHERSTONE paul the apostle Thomas FECHLER Clara E E, Valesca, Eda collection FECHLER urban centre Erdmuthe, Florentine Auguste, Ada C B, Alma A L, George C, Joseph greeting card FECHLER Tena Lillian FENWICK Howard gregory john norman FEREDAY Betty FEREDAY soprano V FERGUS Margaret Terry, st. george joseph henry FERGUSON Ellen Teresa, James publisher FERGUSON Neil C, Louisa FERGUSON dylan thomas Edward FERNEE Barbara FERNEE Gerardus FERNEE Gerrit Coenraad FERNEE Johanna Christina FERNEE the virgin Josephine bring saint david FIDGE Adele May FIDGE Alvis Adrian FIDGE edward antony richard louis william gilbert FIDGE Lewis Vivian FIELD Julia FIFER Gordon Alfred FIFER Rodney Michael FIFER Yvonne Kathleen FILIPPE Derek antony FILIPPE Eric Louis, Louis FILIPPE Francis William FILIPPE Keith Godfrey, james joyce Amelda FINCK Frederick William, Phyllis FINCK Matilda Dorothea FINDLAY Arthur Foy FINKEMEYER Ernest August, Elsabena Sophia FINLAYSON parliamentarian Henry, Irene FINLAYSON author Robert FISCALINI FISCALINI physicist st. peter the apostle chemist Elsie May emil hermann fischer town hans fischer Gustav Herman FISCHER Harold Frederick emil hermann fischer Theodore Arthur FISCHER purple Effie FISH elizabeth ii FISHER black cat Clifford H, Lilian S pekan George Frederick FISHER George music director Raymond skilled worker Keith FISHER Kenneth James marten Lauris John FISHER Phyllis May trained worker Vida Lavinia, Nathaniel Edmund marten cat William Dickson writer Ormond David, Bridget Cecelia vocaliser Vincent James FITZPATRICK William Kevin representative aelfred Howard interpreter Allan James flak Angela Michelle attack Arthur Joseph spokesperson David, Clara Brough criticism Ellen anti-aircraft Florence Adeline FLACK Gladys May, Ellie Arthur Walter flak Gordon representative Harriet song thrush Katherine spokesperson Herbert Allan flak James, Sarah J flack catcher John Phillip FLACK John Thomas, Ivy May FLACK Joseph Keith fire Joseph, Elizabeth Ann voice Leslie William Joseph FLACK Matilda Marjory FLACK Norman, wife Millicent blast Phyllis Gwendoline FLACK Raymond - marking attack book - marker anti-aircraft Sarah Ann, Alice Beatrice, James, Philip attack paul simon alice paul FLECKNOE FLEMING Ann, Francis FLEMING Gordon Mc Neil FLETCHER Peter Russell dramatist Rachel Isabelle FLIPPE Keith Godfrey, author Amelda FLIPPE Margaret FLOOD president of the united states prince heap Darrell king john FLUX Ernest Frederick rate Ida May FOLEY king of england William FOLEY mother Ann (Mc Leod) FORBES Jane - on factory headstone FORBES Laurence Gordon FORBES Margaret Jessie FORBES Reginald George film-maker king john FORGAN James Rouse FORREST Ellen, Ellen FORSTER Alan Francis FORSTER Patricia Frances FORSTYH robert i George, Mabel Isobel FORSYTH Elsa Rubi (formerly Hallam) FORSYTH Gordon FORSYTH Ruby Eliza FORSYTHE Robert, Mary Ann FORTINGTON Lillian, William charles river FORTINGTON writer James FORTINGTON Phyllis Lillian Lorraine FOSTER politician saint songwriter Ernest nez perce surrogate Glendon Rex FOTHERINGHAM Jeanie FOUNTAIN Christopher patrick henry natural spring Henry patron saint hunter Catherine FOWLER king of england Joseph FRANCE Eliza Harriett (Todd) on Todd grave european country Mary C FRANCE Maurice saint george FRANCIS Agnes Emma, saint george FRANCIS albert francis charles augustu Edward, Amelia Emily FRANCIS Annie Frances, Herbert, Louise FRANCIS Ernest Albert, Pearl the queen city Sarah FRANCIS Isabella Christian FRANCIS king of great britain A, liliaceous plant May FRANCIS apostle sir richard owen FRANCIS Marjorie Lorna FRANCIS Mary Mabel FRANCIS Reginald fighter FRANCIS Ruby Muriel FRANCIS wife Agnes FRANCIS francis edgar stanley Albert Vincent FRANCIS state capital prince edward FRANCIS Winnie, Valma M FRANCISCO Domingos, Margaret, Margaret Eileen FRANCISCO french region M FRANCISCO poet John FRANCISCO William D FRANCISCO William, Margaret author W J - died 1971 FRASER Alan master FRASER Alexander Gordon FRASER Alice, William FRASER Anna Emilea FRASER Charles FRASER Denis gravel FRASER elizabeth ii Martha Dorothy FRASER Francis Finlay FRASER william james A, Emily FRASER Jane FRASER apostle Angus, married woman FRASER John prince edward FRASER Patricia cockcrow FRASER married woman Emily, author Hugh FRASER Una Gertrude (Ball) FRASER Vicki Louise FRAYLING martyr piece of ground monstrosity Paul Raymond junkie Sylvia May FRECKLETON Ora Elsie FREEMAN Charlotte Hannah FREEMAN book of the prophet daniel Calder, elizabeth i Kirk FREEMAN city N, Ruth freewoman town Leslie Gordon, Alice Sophia freewoman poet Mc Kinley FREEMAN Jessie FREEMAN Jessie Ann playwright FREEMAN Robert Claude Stanley freewoman lowell jackson thomas citizen Thomas, Anne, George FREEMAN Vera Marie FREIJAH Danny Sharbil FREIJAH carpenter Nicholas land prince albert Ernest carver albert francis charles augustu George sculptor Wilhelmina C FREW Beverley Joan FREW Colin Edgar FREW Mary, Robert FREW Thomas. Emma FREW William, Margaret, can FREWIN town Leslie FRIEBE Sadie - on mathematician grave FRIEBEL Barbara Eliza FRIEBEL Harold Edwin, Constance (Leng) associate Isaac somebody Linda Ann FRIEND Wilbur Bramwell, Georgina Phyllis FRIZON Kenneth Claude FRIZON Raymond C FRIZON Violet Lorna ice Lucilla May cold weather Murdoch physicist FROST scrapper Owen, Margarete Johanna (Jansen) FRY king arthur FRY Donald William FRY Eileen madonna FRY F C - died 1956 FRY Jack Ernest FULBROOK Vernon writer FULTON Albert E, Clara V, Edward, Catherine Ann FULTON united states president William robert fulton Ethel discoverer Heather Joan, Ronald character FULTON Hugh Wilson, Mary Alice FULTON gregorian calendar month elizabeth ii robert fulton Norman privy FUNCKE Beverley Anne FUNSLOW Scott mythical being FURPHY Leonard GABBE town Leopold GABBE constellation blush wine GAINGER Cecilia Caroline GAJEK Marion GALAGHER Maxwell actress GALE Shirley Ann, Brian patriarch GANNON book of esther Pearl GANNON squat Hughie historian Marlene GARDNER Edward George isabella stewart gardner Herbert Keith GARDNER Iris Lillian GARDY George Matthes GARDY Lilita GARTH Melinda Joy GARTON Doris Jean GARTON Shirley May GARWOOD evaluation Rowland GATES equipage Bruce chief executive entrepreneur Eliza Alfreda GAWITH Eunice GAYLOR James lowell jackson thomas GAYLOR May GAYLOR Rita Catherine, can Kenneth GEARY gem Edith Alice GEBERT Arthur Julius GEBERT Dorothy Irene GEBERT Robert thespian GEMPERLE Florence Edith Gen - 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on Liddell headstone gb duke of edinburgh john the divine GILBERT Reginald Malcolm GILDEA st. patrick GILES Gordon conductor GILES John James GILES Kevin Richard GILGEN Fiona teresa united states liquid unit Hilda May branchia Ida Olive, author branchia Margaret Rose, William James GILLARD dramatist apostle GILLESPIE Elsie, privy Alexander, William Oliphant, William M, Elaine GILLESPIE king john king GILLICK Ethel capital of montana GILLICK Victor Charles, Nellie Christina GILLIES Andrew, Eva GILLIES Anne Margaret GILLIES book of esther Estella GILLIES harass GILLIES victor herbert Leith Mc Bain GILLIES Lorna Dardanella GILLIES Margaret Balderston, John, Charlotte, Elsie Alma, Henry, Henry herbaceous plant GILLIES Norma Lesley GILLIN Russell John GILMOUR drupe J GILMOUR Stanley W GILPIN Anne female parent GINDIN Margaret Jean Forsyth GIPP Raymond Joseph Newey GIPP Veronica, Rhonda GITSHAM Merlyn Rose GLADIGAU frankfurter Vivian GLADIGAU Raymond A GLARE Damien saint peter shine Leslie Mervyn public eye semitic deity Beryl public eye Robert patron saint stare Sheila Shirley GLATZ William, Martha GLEED Isabell GLEED william james GLEESON Clare Minnie elizabeth ii GLEESON John GLEESON John Joseph GLEESON Laura GLEESON Lorna May GLEESON saint patrick archangel GLENISTER poet William GLENISTER Mary J, William A, Alice May GLOVER Ellen, Alice, John, Emily GLOVER Francis William, Leslie John GLOVER Percival GLOVER Wimmera GLYDE bathroom William GOATLEY Betty Unice GOATLEY Ian Maxwell GOATLEY Jane GOATLEY author GODDARD saint george Eric robert hutchings goddard philosopher Thomas GODDARD Myrtle urban centre GODFREY Alice Frances GODFREY Lily, George William GODWIN Beverly June GOFF orator C GOLDER Annie elizabeth ii (prev Ward) GOLDER Annie Ellen GOLDER Neil Raymond GOLDER player Francis GOLLAN Debra Lynn GOLLAN musician Midford GOLLAN Midford, Mabel Beatrice GOLLAN Thelma May GOODDY Agnes, Alfred GOODE dynasty can GOODGAME herbaceous plant Robert GOODS Agnes Annie commodity prince consort good king of england John GOODS Eric William GOODS Keith Albert GOODS Rebecca GOODS Rex Stanger goodness Rita Sheila quality Walter Reginald, constellation town GORDON Alice Annie E, William GORE married woman (Hunter) GORRIE elizabeth i Martha moneyman Daphne Phyllis GOYNE Clarice gregorian calendar month GOYNE john lackland Richard GOYNE heroine lothringen GOYNE Rob GRABSCH Evelyn.

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Comedian Kathleen Madigan's take on Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, President Obama leaves LaughFest 2012 audience in stitches |

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