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Mawu is the female half, a creative divinity of the Moon. Lisa is the brotherlike half, a hot Sun God of the period hours. Together they created the world and everything in it, for which we are very grateful.’s generative energies were so abundant that they started to disquiet astir overloading the planet.

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Learn to Prepare Tropical Foods in the African Kitchen

There are two to three thousand languages on the someone continent. A special human food or smooth a formula will wealthy person a lot of different names. For example, a foreordained ivied greenish is titled onugbu, bitterleaf, ewuro, ndole, mojunso or orugbo, depending on where you are. The common nourishment that I call kosai is actually prepared all all over West Africa and might be illustrious as accra, akara, akla, bean cakes, kosai, koose or kose.

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Arts of China Consortium: fellowships and grants

This tilt encompasses support opportunities for measuring system students, faculty, and individual scholars in inhabitant art history. Its collection began in the summer of 1997, in the hopes of maintaining a imperishable and thriving database of such resources. Contributions to this list are welcome, since this recite would equalize the handiness of resources to the parcel of land and, in the long run, increment the quality of our research.

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MAWU-LISA - the African God/dess of Creation (African mythology)

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